Inbound Marketing University

To: My Virtual Assistant and Online Business Friends
From: Amber Whitener

Subject: FREE online classes and a certification test you’ll want to take advantage of.

Today, I received my Inbound Marketing Certification from Inbound Marketing University.

What does this certify me (and you when you take it) for?
Information about the certification directly from


The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges the recipients proficiency in Inbound Marketing principals and best practices. These principles include: blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

In order to receive the Inbound Marketing Certification, the recipient must pass a comprehensive certification exam with a score of 75% or higher.

I had the opportunity to attend two FREE classes (in a webinar form) live online:

First Class

Class 14: Advanced Marketing Analytics (AZ501) Taught by: Avinash Kaushik, Google and author of Web Analytics 2.0 I feel VERY fortunate to have began my experience at Inbound Marketing University with this particular course. Mr. Kaushik was an incredibly engaging lecturer on the semi technical topic of web traffic analysis. There are few teachers who can make this sort of topic humorous and informative.

Second Class

Class 15: Passion-Inspired Video & Other Creative Content (GF502) Taught by: Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV, and author of Crush It! This was also a very interesting course, less about the tools more about the message. Gary made some very excellent points about how stiff the corporate condition is and how it stifles the possibilities of social media and video campaigns to market business.

Archived Classes

I perused the notes and many of the videos (15 in all) for all the rest of the classes to make sure I was ready to take their test. Each course is very content rich. It was all good review with extra tips tried and proven true by the speaker. Each well-selected speaker is a current expert in the field of the chosen topics.

About the Test

The test was 50 questions, and you only get an hour to finish it. There are only true/false and multiple choice questions. I liked the mix of technical and marketing knowledge required to pass this test. It was a good challenge. I ended up with a 92%. (YAY!) I highly recommend going to and take advantage of some of the resources that are available. Let me know what you think. The next Exam session is scheduled for January 2010. I am hoping they have more classes available!

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