Community Connect Indiana Website

We proudly present a brand new WordPress website we designed for Community Connect Indiana. This is a new community coalition organization that is providing opportunities for community growth in central Indiana! If your business is in need of a new website, or upgrade: Contact Virtual IT Assistants to get started.

Six Important Features of a Community Outreach Website

1. Home Page: Introduction

The homepage of any website should answer two very important questions:

Home Page1. Who are we?


2. What can we do for you?

The home page is the most important because it is all about puting your best foot forward.


2. Interactive Calendar

Community Connect Indiana needed to have an interactive calendar to share meeting and event information. We give you a website address to create, edit, and remove events.

Interactive CalendarCalendar Options:

Creating events via SMS

Offer subscriptions to the calendar RSS feed

Private Calendars or limited share calendars are also available if you need them.


3. Request for Information Forms

Whether you are providing a service, asking for volunteers, or updating interested parties with event information, you will need a RFI form. This can protect your email address from being found and added to a spam list etc.

Contact FormRFI Options:

Get an email as soon as you receive a message from your site.

Choose which information is required when someone completes a form or inquiry.


4. Free Resources

Share resources, and link to other valuable resources if you would like to.

ResourcesThis could also serve as a “Services” or “Products” page where you are able to showcase your business products and services.


5. Future Plans

Youth ProgramsShare your plans for the future of your organization.

We do not recommend uploading pages that are “Under Construction”. However, it is perfectly acceptable to share products, services, and events that are being planned to make sure your audience comes back and check out your site again when you reveal or release new resources.

If you need volunteers or other personnel to help with a specific project, you could make mention of this on the page introducing the plans.

Let your community know you are here to stay.


6. Site Maps

You also will need a dynamic, automated sitemap that will send Google, Bing, and Yahoo any updates and additions to your site.

SitemapThis is very good search engine optimization (SEO).


Special Thanks

To Amy Kirkpatrick of Community Connect Indiana for choosing Virtual IT Assistants to build this site.

To Virtual Assistance by Jen for pulling together the inspiring mission statement for the homepage.

Does your business need a new website, or upgrade? Contact Virtual IT Assistants to get started!

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