Has your business website been updated recently?

The internet is evolving faster all the time. You wouldn’t believe how many tools are constantly released and available for your business to thrive online! Virtual IT Assistants are always researching the newest technology and utilizing the ones that make the most impact reaching your target market.

  • Do you still have a startup or temporary website for your business?
  • Is your website indexed by Bing, Google, and Yahoo?
  • Does your website reflect your business accurately?
  • Do you have links to your social media networks?

Your virtual IT assistants understand the importance of a professional website that is unique and attractive to your customers. Our web-developers place emphasis on all the details including: a custom design, search engine visibility (SEO), and user-friendly navigation. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Featured Services:

Social Networking
Twitter and more!
Web Development
Migration Planning
Layout Setup
Content Maintenance
Search Engine Optimizing
Other Services
Business Cards
General PC Support
Project Management

What is a Virtual IT Assistant?

We are here to keep up with all of the internet technology that gives you a streamlined business edge. There are so many innovative ways to utilize social media and web 2.0 tools that will take yourself and your business to the next level. And because technology is constantly changing, we provide the services that keep your internet presence up to date and working for you! We specialize in setting up and updating social networks and websites. Do you already have twitter, facebook, etc? We can take your profiles and transform them into a professional e-portfolio that is worthy of your name.